My first tablescape. . .

Hannukah Celebration!

My first tablescape Thursday! Thanks to Susan at for hosting. Check out her beautiful cardinal dishes and all the other lovely tablescapes.

This is my tablescape for our family hannukah party. It's my first attempt at a tablescape although I have been collecting dishes since October Lol!
My stepmom Christine, was in town visiting me last weekend and we set a few tables together and I got a feel for it enough to give it a real shot!
We ate latkes (potato pancakes served with sour cream & applesauce). My husband is jewish so in our house we decorate for Hannukah & Christmas! We also celebrate both, so this time of year I get to host lots of gatherings! The latkes have to be served fresh so cooking and serving them is very high maintenance, requiring very simple make-ahead accompaniments! I made baked tilapia with sundried tomatoes & steamed broccoli.
So onto the table. . . .
The majority of the place settings are Sakura Galaxy blue, the napkin rings & napkins are from Homegoods. The flatware was a find ($19.99 for the whole set of 12 place settings & servers) on Ebay.

Below, is a little blue bottle that can hold lamp oil (but my kids are 4, 2, & 8 months so we can't have real fire unless it's up high!). I got this at a thrift store nearby, and it is so evocative of a genie to me.
The three brass candleholders are one of my favorite things on the table. They are so versatile and they look really pretty when they have a light inside them shining through the cut-outs.
See my little dreidel salt & pepper shakers?
I liked them so much I forgot I had a set and bought another set this year!!
I only had 6 of the Galaxy plates so I mixed and matched with some Homer Laughlin cobalt & floral plates. I only have 3 of these, but I am still searching. The problem is, they don't have a named pattern on the plate. . . if you know, please tell me!
I also was short one salad plate so I used a limoges plate that I only have one of. I love cobalt so I got this even though it was only one. I'm glad I did. The chargers underneath are brass with star cut-outs. Again, only 6 of these so I mixed with solid acrylic gold. I got the brass ones at an animal rescue thrift store, all 6 for $3.00! They were very tarnished but shined up so nicely don't you think? They are made in India.
So that's it - my first one, I hope you like it. . . join me next week for it will be Christmas with the kids!!


  1. Hi Kerri! Great job! Your table is beautiful, love the deep cobalt blue against the gold charger plates. I also love your goblets. Great buy on the flatware, I can't believe you got them at that price. The first picture with all the stars look so good, all the pieces blend so well. You are becoming a pro now!...Christine

  2. Oh Kerri,
    What a gorgeous table! Great job.
    Happy Hannukah!

  3. Love your table! Your dishes are just gorgeous. Happy Hannukah. --Delores

  4. Beautiful table!! The blue & gold is gorgeous and I love the napkin rings :)


  5. Wow! that is gorgeous, more than awesome for the first one!!!
    Happy Hannukah!

  6. Stunningly beautiful ~
    Happy Hannukah!
    Blessings ~ Maria

  7. Beautiful blue Hannukah table. I love the napkin rings and the lovely way you put everything together!
    Latkes are one of my favorite. Yummy!
    Congradulations on a fantastic first Tablescape Thursday!
    Happy Hannukah!

  8. Wow, your table is the cobalt dishes! Can't wait to see how you will top this tablescape...but with Christine for a s/mother I am sure you won't have any problem! Thanks for sharing. Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  9. you're so right.i love BOTH patterns.good luck finding them.....ann

  10. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. Those chargers are cabbage leaves from Portugal (Bordello Pinheiro) and I accumulated them over time, found at TJMaxx or Marshalls. Sur La Table has also been known to carry them. Or, try Ebay! --Delores

  11. Happy Hannukah! I love your dishes - both pattterns are gorgeous! The blues and golds are so lovely on your table.


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