The furriest Bee

Hello! Here's my contribution to PINK Saturday, hosted by Beverly! Head on over and check out all the pink posts! There's always so many fun things to see!

Below is a picture that I took at Walt Disney World in Orlando, just outside the Small World ride! It's a very, very furry bumblebee! I'm posting this because, well, the flowers are pink, and also because I have been a busy, busy bee myself lately.

Just the past couple of weeks I am working again, for the first time since my oldest (who's 4) was born. It's great fun and I love what I do, but it takes so much arranging, making sure the kids are getting picked up, and watched and well. . . you know! I'm only working very part time, but it's still a lot of planning.

I don't know what these flowers are called. . . do you? This bee was so cute, he was really very furry, I wanted so much to pet him! My husband says that even the cute ones sting! Do furry bees like this sting? I guess so, people would probably keep them for pets if they didn't right?
So, hello to everyone and I hope your Saturday goes beautifully!


  1. That sure is a very pretty flower, Kerri. I am not sure what they are called but I have seen them around. I love the deep pink. The furry bees are pretty too but I wouldn't dare touch them. It reminds me of the furry caterpillar we found and followed in Vidalia, but he was harmless....Christine

  2. I love the pretty flower and little sweet bee, busily doing what sweet bees do. I also loved your recipe..and since I love radishes, I will definately try this one..
    p.s. Love the picture of your peppers..they're beautiful.

  3. Very pretty flowers! I believe your hubby is correct! Even the cute, fuzzy ones sting, LOL!

    Happy PS,

  4. I love fuzzy bumblebees too. I don't think I love them enough to chance touching one though! Have a great week. Terri

  5. What a busy little bee and a pretty flower - Happy late Pink Saturday!


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