The First Day of 2018

I spent the stroke of midnight slow dancing to New York New York with Steve.  It was so easy and perfect, alone in my sister's living room (everyone else was asleep), I am sure it's one I will remember always.  This year we are married 14... together I guess that makes 17 . . . wow!  Tempus Fugit, as always, but more each second.

This year feels full of promise. . . I feel ready to hold closer the things (which are not things) that I value the most.  As I continue yet another year around the sun (better than the alternative), I see that the judgements I've had over the years have one major overriding thread in common, that is, the likelihood that I will change my gosh darn mind,
 Noah did a brief archery experience this summer . . . he got this bullseye early on!  It was pretty exciting, I love to shoot and aim for targets, the purposeful relaxation, the focus. . . it's all very yoga.  Of course, I can't imagine shooting an animal, that's a subject for another post right?

 Here are Sedona and Everest.  They've been our "starter rodents" for a couple years now.  The Bunny was our gateway caged pet I guess.  At this point we have 18 rats, 4 hamsters, the bunny, 2 cats and the dog.  I definitely want more.  If I'm being honest it's twin girls I truly want right?  Yet another subject for another post.  Stay tuned.

 The year is starting, I am ready to go!  It's family and love, we are all in it together, nobody gets left behind.