Candy as Food -or death by glucose

When I was younger there was a recurrent rumor that the FDA had tried to classify SUGAR as a controlled substance several times.  I never researched to see if it's true. . . DENIAL anyone?

I Love Candy.  There.  And bad bad Mommy that I am, I've let my kids love candy.  In fact, I've even sat with them at Halloween and described each type of candy in their buckets!  "That's nougat sweetie, this one has hard toffee, this is licorice. . ."  That makes me smile just thinking about it, particularly since my first entree into homeschooling was an idea of doing math and sorting and counting and pattern recognition using Halloween candy.  Instead, we did . . . vocabulary?. . . and subtraction.
Gummy Cola bottles!  

I have had an understanding of "candy as a meal" since at least about 15.  As soon as I could drive I got a payday for breakfast every day!  Sometimes with a Pepsi (even though I preferred coke, I felt that this was a more fashionable choice given the alliteration- a definite #fashionvictim moment).

In law school I went through a period where I would eat an entire box of juju fruits each day.  If I recall it had like 700 something calories in total!  I've always been, um, well, terrible, absolutely terrible at math.  Laughable, I have avoided it at all costs, to the extreme of taking the LSAT because it was the only grad school test without traditional math.  
Somehow I have a special ability to do math when it comes to 3 things- cooking, shopping, and counting calories.  
I can multiply or divide a recipe and all its fractions, I can tell you what 32% off is and I can tell you how many grams of protein are in each serving of a can of garbanzo beans,
  in my head like a rainman human calculator.  
In other world activities . . .I know there's a thing to do with cars and miles and gas. . ????
Eat the rainbow!  wrong one, but yes, I subscribe to that, I am currently obsessed (millennial word) with these rainbow cherry pops!  They are delicious, and they scream "this is a great day!"  I'm so happy when what Steve describes as the "local tone" shows up as the overriding color in my photographs.  In addition to the cheerful prop, the lollipops are a great barometer for the roygbv.
I'm having some stomach troubles. . . those words sometimes precede a tragic cancer diagnosis.  But also I think it could be my gallbladder. . . or gas. . .or eating candy for food.
Stay tuned for the juice post.  And the homemade bread post.  Also the one about quinoa and kale and beets.