Mommy metamorphosis

I'll bet that from this first picture you'll be able to guess what this Metamorphosis Monday post is about! So this one is about Baby number 3 - stay tuned for the one about me after a few more trips to the gym!
So this is quite obviously the before. . . . 8 months along.

Gathering these photos for this post I was really surprised by how much my other two have grown up as well. Tempus fugit, tempus fugit no?

Here is the AFTER!!! This is day 2, still at the hospital.And here is right now, he's now 18 months old and starting to talk! It's just the cutest age, but then again, I think that about each kid, and I thought the same thing last month!!
Here are the other two - they've grown so much since this was first posted!

Here's just one last one for fun! How many of us did this to our cats when we were younger? This is Shasta, he's the youngest of our three cats, he came into the house as a kitten while we already had two of the kids and I think it makes a big difference in his "tolerance for play" level!
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  1. Oh, he is just adorable. I love it when they start to talk.

    About Drewcilla - Drew the friend of ours pictured in the post made her. The electricity runs up the pole and the light extends out front. It is a construction type light that he welded to the pole. He has attached a motor to the back wheel and her feet are screwed into the pedals so that as the back wheel turns she pedals. The wind blows her cape and hair and dress and she really draws attention. Of course you can copy her. Let me see her if you do. I wish I knew how to post a video of her as she is a lot of fun to see riding.

  2. What a beautiful family! I imagine you have your hands full these days. Enjoy these little ones. They grow up so quickly.

  3. Cute post, Kerri. The kids are really growing fast. I cannot imagine Noah being that small....Christine


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