Park City 2018 !!!

This is aaallll about our trip to Park City this winter.  It was our 15th (OMG) winter trip to beautiful Utah!  We were there for a relatively short time for us - a week, but we definitely 
lived "life elevated" and had a wonderful sampling of some of the very best (and the very meh-st) of the little town in the mountains.
As always, and I mean that ALWAYS we got snow during our trip!  
There is great skiing in Park City, a nice mix of groomed corduroy, bumps and bowls, cat tracks, trees and meadows, natural half pipes and built parks galore.  I'm sure I missed some, I just listed what I could think of off the top of my head!
I recently learned what "off piste" means. . . it sounds pretty dangerous!

Watson was the star of the show as far as learning big things this year!  He got a solid stop which meant he could come with us out onto the big mountains and ride the chair lifts up with his brothers and sister.
Here is Holden's crazy helmet cover!  Our family is ALL about helmets!  LOL- we have helmets for absolutely every sport, in every weather.  I think its a Park City thing - people there take gear and protection seriously, we were at the ice rink at an open skate there one Saturday and 50% of the kids had helmets on!  I frequent ice rinks and that's a big number. . safety first though!

We were super lucky to be in town at the same time as some of our friends, another lawyer, and a doctor we work with here in South Florida!  The guys had fun. . .while they were taking this selfie, we thought they were taking pictures of us!

There was lots of snow falling during the time we were there, the snowflakes are so magical!  They are different - some are little round balls, some are traditional snow flake shaped, and sometimes, they are these really cool 3-d shapes, like 3 snowflakes stuck together in the middle and their edges stick out.

The most amazing thing as always is the family time that we spend.  I never really understood the term "family vacation" before, now I do.  It's a trip, but it is time with each other too.  

During the time that we are skiing, I find that the kids (and us) are starving practically all the time, I've heard that the cold burns more calories so maybe this is why. . .
Park City has so much to offer in the way of delicious and unique food. . . there are some high-end restaurants designed to help you feel like the price of a ski trip is worth it, and some super casual yet delicious places that serve up big plates of burritos and the like.
Our two favorites
in town for casual are El Chubasco and Main Street Pizza and Noodle.  For a fancy night, Purple Sage has been our favorite for years.  Adolph's is a great fun time with a Swiss Ski theme!

Here are the kids one day, enjoying some "apres ski" snacks at "Mojos", which is the first place you walk by as you end your run down the mountain.  We love hot chocolate, and we really enjoy trying hot cider and anything else they can come up with to serve us warm.