Enough is Enough

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
The Universe has Enough
And so are YOU

That's my poem this month for national Poetry month!  It came bubbling out as they all do . . . most lost in a middle of the night brief waking or a long drive interrupted by the next new tree.  But this one I saved!  I caught it!  

So you are enough and I am enough.  What is enough?  Did I do enough?  Smile enough?  Did I LOVE MYSELF enough?  It doesn't mean do I have enough. . . .

It's all so much to know, with so much information coming in, it's easier and easier to feel like we just aren't/don't have/can't do enough.

So I heard this thing "You are enough" and it stuck.  For a minute it rolled over me, and then it sunk in.  I am enough.  Enough for what?  Well, who says that there is a "what".  My "am ness", that is, my being makes me enough.  So just by existing I offer the universe all that I can?

Really interesting.  I heard someone say once that by your existence gives you the absolute right to happiness. . . what do you think that means? I mean, I'm sure it's not that we can take whatever and act however etc. . .but it means we have an inherent right to happiness.

I still think that our personal happiness is a choice, a responsibility, and our own path to take, but this was new!  It meant that I DESERVED happiness.  Not because I worshipped or did or was any particular thing, but because I EXISTED.  That's complicated for me.  I think hard work and industry and commitment and stamina are the things that lead to happiness, so grasping that just being meant I deserved happiness was big.  So even if I'm lazy I deserve to be happy?  Stupid?  Crazy?  Yes.

Stupid people deserve happiness, crazy people deserve happiness, ugly, mean, greedy people deserve happiness.